Dating a non talker

1945 Effanbee Babyette doll, 12" tall, composition flange head and hands, soft cloth stuffed body and limbs, molded painted hair, painted facial features of a sleeping face; closed eyes, closed mouth, came dressed in a christening gown, bonnet, with a lined basket and an outside skirting. 1946 Effanbee Candy Kid doll or Kandy Kid doll, 13-14" tall, white or rare black doll, all composition, blue sleep eyes, painted rosy cheeks and knees, closed mouth, molded hair painted brown, also came in a set of a girl and boy doll with matching various outfits, doll is unmarked or marked EFF1948-1955 Effanbee Howdy Doody doll, 21-22" tall, Hey Kids what time is it?Composition socket head, composition hands, cloth stuffed body, painted eyes, 48 freckles on his face, open mouth with upper teeth, if dressed in a cowboy outfit he is the ventriloquist character puppet doll, created by Buffalo Bob Smith in the long running TV show named Howdy Doody from 1947-1960, Howdy Doody is marked Effanbee.1953 Effanbee Honey Walker doll, 16-28" tall, all hard plastic, walker doll, closed mouth, wigged, the 21" size had flirty sleep eyes.A similar 15" Little Lady face doll on a cloth body without the jointed knees has been found, but it is unknown to us what her name was, perhaps she is a Little Lady or Anne Shirley doll with yarn hair.It is unknown if or how doll is marked, had a paper hang tag.When he mocks the puffy shirt, Leslie angrily pushes him, causing him to fall onto a hot clothes iron and ruin his hands, ending his hand model career.Elaine is fired from the Goodwill benefit committee, and Jerry is heckled about the shirt during his stand-up comedy.

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During the Today Show, host Bryant Gumbel repeatedly mocks Jerry's shirt, driving him to angrily denounce it on air which infuriates Leslie (who finally raises her voice to call Jerry a "bastard! After the show, George arrives at the dressing room and takes off his oven mitts to show off his hands."The Puffy Shirt" is the second episode of the fifth season of the American NBC sitcom Seinfeld.It was the 66th episode and originally aired on September 23, 1993." At a restaurant with his parents, George accidentally bumps into a woman, who turns out to be a modeling agent.When she notices his hands, she declares they are beautiful and that he should become a hand model.

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