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I suppose it goes without saying that I’m not the first person to “discover” people doing this. There is a very simple way they could prevent it, and that is by anonymizing emails happen when someone sends me a response to an ad is that their email address should be replaced with an anonymized address.

I don’t use Craigslist that often, but I’ve never had this problem with any of my prior Craigslist postings, so either this particular scam has been increasing in frequency, or I’ve just been lucky not to encounter it in the past. Then, when I reply to them, my reply goes through, which masks ; before then, they won’t have to worry about such information being inadvertently disclosed.

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I’m no sub myself, but what kind of woman respects a master who can’t even correctly identify himself? Judging by the responses my previous ad garnered, many people are “new to this” and were “looking for a couch when [they] accidentally clicked on personals and found [my] ad intriguing”. Those of you who have “never done anything like this before,” welcome! I won’t go so far as to say our robot overlords can’t read, but I will say that they are not reading your horny CL rantings. actually, I Purell my hands of you, because there is simply no way you’re not crawling with STDs. Are you so awesome that you can write a list of what you require in a date and list no identifying characteristics about yourself — whether it’s that you’re a FIFA fanatic or a beer snob or a hottie or a geeky hipster — and get good responses? They’re spamming everyone, so don’t feel singled out. All of you $poilers and ski bunny seekers and rose offerers are beyond my help and I wash my hands of you… Tell us a little something about yourselves to PIQUE our interest, please.

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