College freshman dating tips dexter michael c hall dating

Due to this, you can usually skim or altogether skip a good amount of your assigned reading as long as you’re paying good attention during class and taking effective notes.

I’d recommend doing reading assignments when the semester begins, and then gauging their usefulness by comparing what you read to what’s presented in class and what ends up on the first test.

If you don’t have that mind-set, then you probably shouldn’t be dating.

I was thinking like Machiavelli, adopting an “ends justify the means” mindset – except, I didn’t have a particular end in mind. In a way, the ends do justify the means when it comes to how you spend your time in college – but you need to clearly define the ends and make sure that they’re what you want.

Don’t blindly take the advice of advisors and recruiters and simply do things because they “look impressive”.

I went to Penn State University meaning I was just another face in the crowd with 44,000 other students that went there.

In order to get yourself known in a big university like that, you would have to go out for clubs, work in the downtown coffee shop around the corner, get involved with sororities and fraternities or even start your own TV show.

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