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Dale Mabry Hwy, the same as the current address for this Futuro.Earlier references suggest that this Futuro arrived at its current location in 1968 though frankly that always seemed extremely unlikely given that the generally documented first appearance of the Futuro in the United States was at the Philadelphia International Airport in 1969.

That of course cannot be so as we pointed out to Gabrielle when we chatted; the first Futuro in the US did not appear at the Philadelphia International Airport until 1969. In the Tampa Bay Time article Gabrielle recounts the actual history of this Futuro starting with information from Nick Matassini who indicated that in fact his father Pasquale, who died in 1999, had actually acquired the club with the Futuro already in place.

The image is displayed here courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times.

The 103070 issue of The Tampa Times carried a short article along with a photo of a fully assembled Futuro (described not as a Futuro but as a "contraption") sitting on a flat bed truck in a parking lot on N. It is interesting to note that the article places the photo on N.

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