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In honor of the Power of Three turning the big 2-0, The Wrap spoke with Krause about his “Charmed” life, including Piper and Leo’s never-ending drama, where he lands in the Paige vs.

Also Read: 19 TV Reboots That Should Have Been Booted (Photos) Were you ever truly worried Piper and Leo wouldn’t end up together?You know, what all four of them did for so long and our writers created. I think with “Charmed” there are a million storylines you can tell. So it’s endless storytelling and I hope the fans get what they want out of this.Also Read: New ' Charmed' Star Says Holly Marie Combs Can ' Feel However She Wants' About Reboot Would you be a part of it if you were asked?So it was always a thrill when we got a chance to do something that was poignant emotionally, not just battling a demon or figuring something out. ” And he told us and was, like, “I need you to feel like you don’t know.Just to play it out as if this is the worst person on the planet, so that when we do do that scene it’s a surprise.” But I believe I only found out about a week before the reveal. You’ve all talked about this so much already, but looking back now, what did Prue’s (Shannen Doherty) death at the end of Season 3 mean for the show as a whole?

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