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The city of Potosí used to be one of the largest industrial compounds in the world due to the intensity of the silver extraction that took place around the 16th century.

The museum houses all the technology that was required to make the coins, in addition to an impressive mineral collection and even some local artwork.

Bolivia is less traveled than its neighbors, and although this means fewer flashy hotels, it also means that it harbors a culture that is raw and gratifying.

Here’s a guide to some of our favorite places, from archaeological and historical sites to religious and artistic treasures.

The city of Sucre was the first capital of Bolivia and today this title still stands.

Rock art paintings of this kind usually reference animal sacrifices and hunting, in addition to shepherds and herding stock (in this case llama).A perfect example of this is Sucre Cathedral, also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Sucre.The building was initiated in 1559 but did not reach completion until a jaw-dropping 250 years after that.A bizarre and wondrous site, Samaipata contains both a magnificent rock sculpture and a tall hill, which is carved in detail.Both are a nod back to pre-Columbian religious settlements that once existed here, and provide more examples of how advanced the Inca people of the time were.

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