Bluescreen while updating itunes

To ensure that there are no improper bios settings please reset the bios.Sometimes there can be failure to boot after resetting the bios. Please make a backup image with Macrium: Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free: Macrium Software | Your Image is Everything And please create a restore point.Aren't you able to view the event log when it is on the desktop?The event log description section is still in a foreign language: Event[897]: Log Name: System Source: ia Stor A Date: 2017-08-27T.255 Event ID: 129 Task: N/A Level: x Opcode: N/A Keyword: NVb N User: N/A User Name: N/A Computer: ENGLISHTREE Description: fo CX \Device\Raid Port0 ɃZbg*s܂B Sometimes there are problems in the bios that produce bsod.There are two methods to reinstall drivers, the reinstallation can be done immediately after un-installation or can be done after all misbehaving drivers have been uninstalled. After each bsod you will post a new zip: BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums and we will debugg the dump files and guide you through the process of fixing the misbehaving drivers.For the bsod please make sure that automatic restart is un-checked so that you have time to view the bsod window.Evrything appears to work fine...except i Tunes (that I know of) no more crashes either...Windows driver verifier is a tool that is used to find misbehaving drivers.

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Sometimes there are problems in the bios that produce bsod.If you see the misbehaving driver please record it and post it into the thread.In the left lower corner search type system make sure that automatically restart is un-checked.Old title: Windows 10 system I have an VAIO laptop, series SVE15125CXW, I tried to updated to Win 10 but it's not working at all.When it started to updating, it went 50% then it when off and start to diagnose the laptop, it's not even finished to update the windows yet (and I have a lot of personal files that I really need on the laptop so I cannot choose to reset all the machine).

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