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I'm versatile myself and, as posted earlier, it would be difficult to enter a serious relationship where one had to exclusively top or bottom.I certainly could just perform in one role or the other but it wouldn't be ideal in a long-term relationship over time.Because of those labels, you do it once and you’re gay, so you get fewer guys who are kind of in the middle zone.

Relationships are hard enough without adding extra complications into the mix. He's a kickboxer AND has been dancing the Argentinian Tango for the last 10 years. I'm not being argumentative but I have heard a number of married bi guys who describe that (missing something or words to that effect) as the reason they hook up with guys, with or without the wife's permission.Versatile does not mean, "I'm happy just bottoming." Sorry that's so difficult for you to grasp, R31 but maybe if you got your toes out of your ears once in a while, you'd understand.Versatile means that someone enjoys to fuck and get fucked, not that they're compelled to. If you're that desperate for ass than he is the one that should be running from you OP, not the other way around."bisexuality is a way of passively controlling everything sexually and emotionally" No, bisexuality means that a person is errotically stimulated by both sexes, at some point or at all points in their lives. OP, I think you are reading things into this fellow that are perhaps not there or unrelated to his sexuality to rationalize something. Yeah R35, "compelled" as in something that is necessary or required.Sign up now to place your free gay personal ad and check out the ads of other available gay singles in Bi! I've avoided getting involved with bisexual men for years - not for any issue with their own sexual orientation but because, based on my experiences, I've always felt they were different from gay men. I've made it clear that I'm not a bottom, that I'm versatile, that I'm gay and that I'm a grown man. He says things like, "If you're lucky, maybe I'll let you do this...," etc.

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