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Who doesn’t want to know how to get 1,000,000 visitors?Even if you’re skeptical, you want to click, right?Headline Type: How-To Infectious agents: Awe | Joy | Lust | Surprise“Quit your job”: Who doesn’t want that?It’s a promise that makes this headline viral.“Move to paradise”: Imagine, your life in a paradise where no 9-to-5 cubicle-cell bars you from your dreams.Headline Type: List Post Infectious Agents: Awe | Joy“Settings, Techniques”: These are attention-grabbing words for anyone interested in photography and using a camera or getting better at using a camera.“Rules”: This is a “trigger” word – it suggests that these are the only way to become better (and accepted) by other photographers.It says that this post gives information that will make you acceptable in the photography field among other, possibly more experienced, photographers.“All”: Implies that if you don’t know what these settings, techniques and rules are, you’ll be left outside the group (and possibly feel a little dumb too).“New”: This is a power word.

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)Infectious agents create shareable content because they trigger So, how do you put all these pieces together to create a viral headline? Headline Type: List Post Infectious Agents: Awe | Anger | Surprise | Shock | Fear | Anxiety“Belief-Shaking”: Right away, this headline challenges you by stating its content will shake your beliefs. Chris Guillebeau built his entire online business on being Nonconformist, such is its appeal.Headline Type: List Post Infectious Agents: Joy | Awe“37 Tips”: A large number that makes this post a useful resource.“Emails”: Grabs attention of its target audience: anyone struggling with email marketing or list building.“Open, Read and Clicked”: Isn’t that what everyone wants who has an email list?This headline’s viral success is off the scale with 419,000 shares on Facebook and over 22,000 pins on Pinterest.Another headline from the master of headlines: Jon Morrow, that punches heart strings to make an emotional plea: don’t let your dreams die in mediocrity – Fight to set them free.Headline Type: Heart-to-Heart Infectious Agents: Awe | Anger | Surprise | Shock | Fear“Dying”: This is a strong, emotive word.“Mothers”: Another emotive word, whatever your relationship with your mother.“Fighting”: Yet another emotive word.

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