Avoid friend zone dating zimbabwe dating friends

They project no sexual interest towards each other and behave in a completely platonic manner.

But can any guy ever be friends with a girl he finds sexually attractive? He can try to be a friend with the hope of getting an occasional cuddle or a warm boob pressing hug now and then, but he’s always going to be just be a friend while she dates every other guy in the yearbook.

Guys find themselves falling into the friend zone almost all the time.

Urban Dictionary defines it like this:(It also doesn't have to work this way gender-wise by any means, but I'll use guys chasing girls as the example here for simplicity's sake.)You may think you were getting close to scoring your crush's heart, but somewhere along the way, you took a few detours and now you guys are friends. He treats the girl as a friend right from the get-go, and never makes advances or reveals his feelings toward her.

Once the sexual desire vanishes, there's almost no coming back. When the intentions aren't made clear, she'll simply lose romantic interest. Getting stuck in the friend-zone is the worst when you thought there was something more going on.

Forging friendships with the opposite sex is really great -- except for when you actually wanted something more.

Then you find yourself stuck in the dreaded friend-zone.

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