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Selfies and dating Natalie Grace Sweet, “How Selfies have changed the face of dating”, 11 October 2013 , KQED Young people, selfies and sexual citizenship 1) Consider the role that ‘public’ selfies play within dating and social networking apps.

Choose or create a ‘public’ picture of yourself that you might use as profile pic on a dating app.

Case studies offer examples of recent debates around young people’s media practices, and present a range of approaches to sexual self-presentation online.

The image production exercises invite you to create ‘dating selfies’, in order to reflect on the ways that you negotiate your own gender identity in networked publics, and to reflect on the ways that young people negotiate cultures of sexual representation.

What kind of sexual representation do the policies/To S facilitate?

What policies are there and how they create conditions for particular (sexual) states of being ? Re-write the terms of service that fit with your conception of consent, minimizing risk, and promoting safety.

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But, for some reason, whether biology, psychology or social suppression of female sexuality, women don't enjoy this the way men do.

Facilitators: Kath Albury (University of New South Wales, Australia), Fatima Aziz (EHESS, France), Magdalena Olszanowski (Concordia University, Canada) How do selfies reinforce or transgress certain forms of subject formation and create conditions for alternate modes of sexual expression?

How do age, gender and identity factor in image-making practices?

Using semiotic terms and concepts and thinking about the presentation of self (Week 1) and branding (Week 2), explain why you chose it, and what you are trying to signal, i.e., ‘I’m available for a relationship (but not creepy, clingy or desperate)’ to prospective dates/partners.

2) Choose or create a ‘couple’ selfie you might display on a social networking site.

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