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Lö'ihi Seamount, the active submarine volcano off the Island of Hawai'i's south coast, may mark the beginning of the zone of magma formation at the southeastern edge of the hot spot.

A sharp bend in the chain about 2,200 miles northwest of the Island of Hawai'i was previously interpreted as a major change in the direction of plate motion around 43-45 million years ago (Ma), as suggested by the ages of the volcanoes bracketing the bend.In recent years, scientists have been debating about the actual depth(s) of the Hawaiian and other Earth hot spots.Do they extend only a few hundred miles beneath the lithosphere?The Island of Hawai'i is the southeasternmost and youngest island in the chain.The southeasternmost part of the Island of Hawai'i presently overlies the hot spot and still taps the magma source to feed its active volcanoes.

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