Are jasmine v and jinsu dating

They went to Malibu beach together on August 4, 2011.The last "Just Jasmine" Jinsu appeared in was number 27 which was posted on August 30, 2011.Jah-Youth Lopez known by his stage name Young Jinsu is an American rapper and musician.He and Jasmine Villegas were in a relationship during 20.

Well, it’s great to be brave and Jasmine decided to speak out. And she surely is a person I wanna be-brave, loving, caring and forgiving. Jasmine’s father is Mexican and her mother is from Philippines. Cute pictures and videos and everything made it look like the couple was perfect. After some time Jasmine stated that their relationship wasn’t that great at all and that everything was just an illusion and no one could saw what the reality was. I don’t know the whole story, only Jasmine and Jinsu know, but the fact that she stood up, spoke out and was never afraid of making this world a better place to live for all of us, makes me think that she’s a wonderful person. She is a singer and songwriter(better known by her stage name Jasmine V) who currently resides in U. I just want to give some basic information about her and her life background). First of all, I’d like to start by saying that Villegas once dated a guy named Jinsu who actually seemed to be cool and nice and so on. If you read it all and if you watched these videos I love you!Young Jinsu has an aim that he allows everyone to contact him at. &You can't have a full-blown conversation with Jinsu on his saynow , but you can send him messages& me'd probably call you back , his number is 650-331-1747 Young Jinsu does NOT have a girlfriend .

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