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Taking a precision medicine approach allows companies to assess both trial candidates upfront to determine their compatibility and likelihood of responding to the treatment in the same way.

The other use case we see frequently is with diagnostic companies.

We were founded in 2013 because of an acute need to understand the technical and market realities of biomarkers.

John Audette, our co-founder and former CEO of a mitochondrial assay company called Mito Sciences had a problem with prioritizing his product development efforts.

In a peer-reviewed article that was recently published in Bio where Amplion was one of the co-authors, we demonstrated a 3-fold increase in approvals for clinical trials that incorporate selection biomarkers in trial planning and execution.

Let’s take the example of two patients with kidney cancer.

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We recently caught up with co-founder and CTO Chris Kraybill, who told us more about Biomarker Base™, precision medicine, and how Amplion is providing the intelligence behind the next generation of diagnostic solutions.

We now see our role as leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies into the era of precision medicine.

By identifying the relationships between biomarkers in diagnostic tests, therapeutics, and the participating companies who develop these, we are able to identify product development opportunities, strategic partnerships, and help our customers understand the competitive realities.

How do you find hard-to-come-by biopharma data to achieve better clinical outcomes?

A tech startup specializing in data intelligence, Amplion Inc.

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