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The arrival of The chairman of the world’s largest e-commerce and retailer company, in Ethiopia considered as an excellent opportunity for the Ethiopian technology sector.

“This is a big opportunity for some of the Tech startups in Ethiopia to showcase their products and get a significant boost,” commented a person in Ethiopia who works on technology services.

He also said that Ethiopia is a strategic partner and promised to make a visit this year.

By John Jannarone Government regulations have required many Chinese technology companies to adopt a unique legal structure when listing shares in the U.Ma is considered as a global Chinese business ambassador; he was listed many times on Forbes as one of the most influential people in the world.He is now one of China’s richest men with a net worth of .6bn.The purpose of the enhancements is to better ensure the stability and proper governance of our VIEs.The enhanced structure reduces key man and succession risks associated with natural person VIE equity holders by diversifying the ownership interest of VIEs, and, with multiple layers of legal entities between the VIEs and the natural person holders, create an ownership structure that is more stable and self-sustaining.

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