Accommodating esl students classroom

Irene Konyndyk, who has spent many years teaching French to students with learning and other disabilities, recommends encouraging students to journal about their learning experience, whether in written or audio format.

Actively engage your students in the discussion of what would help them succeed. Be open to experimentation, knowing that the student may not know what will work best.

By: Christine Root It is estimated that in the United States 15% of the general population has a learning disability. What the Good Language Learner Can Teach Us, TESOL Quarterly, 9, 1 , pp.

It is possible that many of the ESL students whom we view as poor language learners are struggling because they too have a learning disability.

The most straightforward indication is academic failure or underachievement by someone who seems capable of more." Learning disabilities are probably inherited; it is thought that they are caused by a neurological malfunction or processing glitch which renders written text-deciphering, sound-symbol connections and/or the sequencing of information very difficult.

A learning disability is not indicative of less intelligence.

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