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this European power seek# Italy ever encountered of which I #prxk ha« aasto Unce Eritrea houac will b* ready to gr* Into oper He : lold a preas conference that within Franca ation In the next few weekx. Referring to Mn Wuidis plan fui •expropriation" of the company. Disappointment at the emergency budget Introduced In the House of Commons yesterday was generally the verdict of this morning's newspapers. off the Province of Princes would publish a description of the of clas- gown lavlzh Jy fact* as soon as It Chlrluul, In *f Harper Henry budget of Angeles, who recently pur Los chased the island, the intrepid voyagers hope to reach Uietr destination In about three weeks, build homes, sow crops and make broom.-, to aralnst the said the case was not that any of Its proposals were bad, hut that all of them evaded the frontal attack nn Inflation, and the total efferl was much loo small. powerful land In the Tanana River, where he Toledo, Ohio, irfbrir leader. Tlie election atampedr got off to trouble developed in a small plane NJ. just *av E unable If DIAMOND MERCHANTS DOUGLAS 1210 Mutton o' Cord— 8 for • 10.00 HILLCREST FUEL CO Own Shanks lust Arrived from England KEL APPLE JUICE Styled to NABOB DE LUXE TEA MINCEMEAT BING CHERRIES PEANUT BUTTER CARROTS JERSEY White with Gold Band Nabob. GRIMES GOLDEN APPLES end crunchy, California, crisp - Fanrv Wrapped COCOA CAULIFLOWER &«• ht *2.25 42-lb.

ftiture will be subject to tax cxemp- » clear nw tnr lft Unrh N „ far In m the M e chancea cha,,c of the lhc council problem of the full amount. f,on Instead • Premier “°[ Hart said John yester IT f*L ye* 17* I to -Esquimau Tuesday afteriwr.,l ho to’ succeed In It# fifth lutn attempt to m l( link in day h* will leav^ffor E stern Cunrta eveo' noon after having scoured t settle account# ,.•,««» with *, u , Germany o,n««.r, and *«» i „ aila "In the course nf the next two inlet between Beechey hay nnd and Inlet ** , Ai L(r U Austria. ' 1 ' WM T" ^ , more unit# “"^M “ ^ Liberal mi him , 0 Axsoclatlnn’s It JI Th . and L DAYTON DAY'TON, taken Into Coalition Cabinet In ‘ ^ E*«* 12 up to 100,000 horsepower.' ICd I — hi# resolution Becurtly " Rboul chow Wl a ... members to withdraw their diplomat# from Madrid and rrq UWU,d the 8rrur“y Council to art ' ' ' Lrtlrea r. Premier Hart anld data relating to possible market# for Peace River coal, compiled by Dr. Gray, ha# been correlated with later lnfonflfttlon on resource# furnished by NEW YORK survey parties In in the field under Am*rique New dlreetl'in of Dr T\ IJ Williams 1 lirlurn for the .

| r three weeks'' to discus next step v.-s The vra Head nnd John Hart Premier I u awi 9 0*1 W I Polands withdrew Spanish . , frurtl , j U I3I1S I | I * Rupeu Dr would be # r.ndidsr* fo r Provincial Walter Wa lr#r r Wilhelm C-JMs Mr U. arttriff un/lrr l\U ordef8 who whn a^f f,re t\r » * ct mg und Liberal Party leadership at Derrmb«l*v to lir* ** lt M w,th With their thelr solder 8r, UJrr lamp* ,am P» f5,-rm *n intelligence rhi*L and I bers convention in Vancouver uiwler the name ot The day after the Normandie fife tu, * w He refused to comment on Prince . V J G f ‘ ' * /"k flliwsl IVCIHICV IVdlll C Ml II I V v Il HCl V ex- ' , ( ( TODAY 8oulh Africa. ‘ ‘ Ionia llemands ^ 'r*«tment of the 282.000 Indians in resolution reaffirmed a decltbe General Assembly of by * uncontrolled" ahlpmenu OTTAWA. 12 ment that ftonoo horsepower low I ndore Fall# at live outlet nf authorised stag.- In lower Campbell Lake, now being the long range plan, mnv have it# dammed to provide a storage basin output boosted to 180.000 hor*- lor Irene Pool and the head dam Hart an- above Moose Falls power.

Mr hu country wa# menaced abroad by France ahotild Immediately con Hart said. Mr said | British the of Com- Graurr Hallway Electric put have couple* 300 • It would teem much more logical pany. Nov 12 —The triumphant Walter Kcu- Top ATLANTIC CITY t/V- — « forces | W 1 ish OTTAWA, Nov. Large Assortment to Choose From Pearl ond Rhinestone He 1 I new weapon prwmesse* even » small part of the power which Dr. Moreover, every disease organism Lv subject to some potential nr actual AND STERLING SILVER , Mnl-Oen Chisholm, Brock THE FAMOUS TANK-TYPE VACUUM CLEANER director-general former RIB ROASTS Complete With Attachments pgfl. box For Cooking or Eating BRUSSELS SPROUTS Solid buds.

Exact date for the flrat S the creation of an enormous power, dude arrangement# with other surge of p«vwer to be fed to the Eage* 14* the United But* Govern Importation of United States rye ment through Hume Wrong. said today that the suggestion Opposi- If you for a spec^l aesslon of of Harold E Winch. Electric services should be covered by surpluses of any others as far as possible In ordrr to forestall heavy Increases In transportation fares which, as you say. •on •' Itnui CTMAn »H »:t vlth po»’ir btu* Uniiig ai.i S pink or two-ton* (Oi* ^ *.»r» It to 3* Qutlt*« floi*l tatin robta In b«rkc Qullifil of a self-supporting Industry IN . Lb CELERY tomatoes::""' SHELLED Floral WALNUTS Pattern b’ JONATHAN APPLES COCONUT "" 4,, 27' TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT 2 TURKISH FIGS »«=•“. *2.45 i ONIONS No , 4 JOHNSON'S ROPE EDGE Made STARTS THE DAY RIGHT into sets to suit your own requirements POTATOES DATES ORANGES Pitted Valencia, 392‘e ^ O Aahcroft Netted t Drybelt Gemt Full of Juice and Vitamins.

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