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I know a lot of kids do drink anyway, but this is just putting more temptation in the road.The fact they are sneaking around, means they know it is wrong anyway. Being 14, I'm wondering where they would socialise? How much time would they likely be able to do socialising 'alone' - as in when other adults are present?When are they expecting to actually see the boyfriend or is the relationship mainly via social media?I would also be speaking to them about the pill, and safe sexual practice.Once they'd gotten over sulking about that I'd discuss the problem with them, pointing out that they know it's wrong or they wouldn't be hiding it and wouldn't be lying about their age.I'd ask them how it's working for them right now and what problems they have. I'd also point out that if they are sexually involved they need to be using condoms for health and preferably another form of contraception as well.

If they 'do anything' the older one will probably be done for statutory rape. And please, please for the love of God, don't shame her about any of it. I was trapped and kept thinking it would be different every time. Used it on and in the most sensitive parts of me despite me struggling viciously. He pinned my hands under my legs, which he held against me with all of his weight. Have you raised her to know how to handle herself in that situation? Their relationship could get him in alot of trouble even if he does nothing wrong. Tell her your concers, the risks to her, the risks to him.I know it must be very stressful for you but the most important thing is to keep the lines of communication open between you and your daughter.It's a complicated age gap Edited by ceeshell, 10 February 2016 - AM. There is the fact of the 18yr old being able to go out clubbing or drinking which could lead to the 14yr old being coerced into doing it as well.

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